Divorce/Child Custody

Many people don’t realize that utilizing an investigator during a divorce or child custody case can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the case.  PIC has extensive experience in helping affect a positive outcome these types of cases.

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Criminal Investigations

Whether you are the victim of a crime and want to have more control over the investigation and results of your case or you have been accused of a crime and need a defense investigator, PIC has the experience you need.  We work with law enforcement, when applicable, to further cases that may not get the full attention they need due to case overload in the agency.  We also work with defense attorneys to ensure that your case has been properly investigated, that all witnesses have been found and interviewed,  and that any evidence being presented against you has been verified and handled properly.

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Background Investigations

Do you really know who you are hiring?  Do you know everything about that potential business partner you are considering?  What about your daughter’s unusual boyfriend?  PIC can help.  We have helped many of our clients save millions of dollars, future heart ache’s, and potential disasters in the work place by performing background investigations on individuals and/or companies.  Make sure you have the right information before making any significant decisions.

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PIC’s goal is to provide professional and ethical investigation service to it’s clients.  We have extensive investigative experience, over 60 years combined, connections all over the U.S. and the world, and the right tools and software for almost any investigative need.  We offer a free consultation and will always act in the best interest of our client.  If you aren’t sure where to start or whether or not you need an investigator for your particular situation, give us a call.  We will help point you in the right direction and provide as much assistance as possible as you begin the process.


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